Inside and outside

Our staff will make you feel at home and they will professionally lead you through a gastronomy and wine experience in our restaurant and wine bar.
The restaurant and wine bar is a place that combines the beauty of the historical setting with stones and sight bricks with furniture that makes the ambience pleasantly informal.
All the pictures in the restaurant are made by the photographer Bruno Murialdo.
The outside area is unique, because it is located on the historical Piazza Castello, right next to the Falletti Castle in Barolo: today the castle belongs to the Town of Barolo and it has become the seat of the WiMu Wine Museum and of the Regional Enoteca of Barolo (in the castle cellars). So Barolofriends is just the ideal place to taste and enjoy a glass of Barolo, right where the King of Wines was born in 1800s!