Our Proposals



Raw piedmontese veal meat 12€
Our roasted veal with tuna sauce 10€
Seared tuna in saor sauce  14€
Organic egg, asparagus and hazelnuts  10€
Sant’Ilario raw ham 10€


Home made tajarin* with sausage ragù 10€
“Pinched” ravioli* filled with three kinds of meat, butter and sage 12€
“Acquerello” rice cooked in Barolo wine (for minimum 2 people – 20’ preparation time) 14€
“Felicetti” matt durum wheat spaghetti with clams  15€
Potato dumplings*, rabbit ragout and asparagus
*the pasta is made by hand by our chefs

Fuori…“i secondi”

Sirloin steak with sweet green peppers 18€
Pork tenderloin, snow peas and apple “mostarda” (candied apple in mustard-flavoured syrup)  16€
Piedmontese veal shank cooked in Barolo wine 16€
Slice of Icelandic char, artichokes and Taggiasca olives  20€
Assorted cheese plate 10€
For a better food preservation, some ingredients follow the “cold chain”

^ frozen